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Sept & Oct 2007: Zac & Amanda’s Pets  (15 pics)

Zac and Amandas chinchillas had another baby around the middle of Sepetmber, which they named Seraphim.  The mom is Persephone and the dad is Chin (short for Chinzilla).  They also bought a Jack Russell Terrier named Paxie who is about 3 years old.

070920-Zacs_Pets-4-Sera-05-small 070920-Zacs_Pets-8-Paxie-0007-h-small 070920-Zacs_Pets-10-Paxie-05-small

July 21, 2007: Zac’s Last SGW Gameday  (12 pics)

The SGW July Game Day was dedicated to Zac who would be leaving for Denver the next weekend.  In all there were 13 players, playing gams on 3 different tables.  It was 12 hours of gaming fun!

070721-SGW_Game_Day_Zacs_02-small 070721-SGW_Game_Day_Zacs_05-small 070721-SGW_Game_Day_Zacs_11-small

August 16-19, 2007: GenCon Indy  (64 pics)

Tim, Kathy, Andrew, Andy P and George R were able to make the trek to GenCon in Indianapolis this year.  Lukas had to work and Zac & Amanda had just moved to Denver CO and were not able to make it this year.

070819-Gencon_2007_03-008-small 070819-Gencon_2007_13-030-small 070819-Gencon_2007_48-079-small

June 5, 2007: Paul & Colettes new Kittens  (7 pics)

My brother Paul sent me some picture of his and Colette’s new kittens. Their names are  Miriam and Moses. They are brother and sister, and about 6 or 7 weeks old. 

070605-Pauls Kittens-04-BEDTIME_2-small 070605-Pauls Kittens-01-TURN_OFF_FLASH-small 070605-Pauls Kittens-07-JUST_GO_TO_WORK-small

May 13, 2007: Zac’s Graduation Party  (28 pics)

We had a gaming day graduation party for Zac for graduating from college.  He and Amanda left for Israel for an archeological dig before their graduation ceremony and they actually missed the last week of school.

We had several of Zac’s friends over to play games and eat pizza.  Everybody had a great time.

070513-Zac_Grad_Party_08-012-small 070513-Zac_Grad_Party_22-042-small 070513-Zac_Grad_Party_26-046-small

March 2007: Kathy’s Birthday  (12 pics)

Kathy had a busy day on her Birthday with a Chocolate Boutique at her church with a friend and a play that Tim took her to in the evening.  The next day the family went to Cici’s Pizza and Ikea.  Kathy had a Strawberry Cheesecake when we got back home.

070304-Kathys_Birthday_01-003-small 070304-Kathys_Birthday_05-017-small 070304-Kathys_Birthday_06-023-small

March 24, 2007: Steve & Carol visit John & Barb  (9 pics)

On March 23rd Steve and Carol came up to Kohler WI so Steve could get an Award for a project his company did in Oak Creek WI.  On Saturday they visited with our brother John and his wife Barb.

Hopefully we will see more of John and Barb at future get togethers!!

070324-John_Barb_WI-04-008-small 070324-John_Barb_WI-03-006-small 070324-John_Barb_WI-08-013-small

December 29 - 30,  2006: Myers Brothers Christmas  (34 pics)

Kathy, Lukas, Andrew & I went down to Steve’s in Champaign for Christmas, Zac & Amanda were not able to make it.  When we got there everybody worked together to make pizzas using Mom’s pizza recipe.  Then we all enjoyed them.

Later the everybody opened presents.  We played a game I got Steve “Wits & Wagers” and everybody had a good time.

061229-Christmas_MyersBros_12-016-small 061229-Christmas_MyersBros_07-008-small 061229-Christmas_MyersBros_21-024-small

December 25,  2006: Myers Christmas  (40 pics)

Well we made it back home from Grandma & Grandpa’s on Christmas Eve Day.  Zac & Amanda went over to her parents house and then came back in the evening to open presents.  We just had appetizers for dinner Christmas Eve and Kathy made us a GREAT Christmas dinner for lunch on Christmas Day.

There are a couple of New Year pictures that I have included also (we went to Steve’s for Christmas just before New Years, see below).

061224-Christmas_Myers1_03-005-small 061224-Christmas_Myers1_08-015-small 061224-Christmas_Myers1_29-063-small

December 22 - 24, 2006: Fitzjarrald Christmas, Augusta  (64 pics)

We went to Kathy’s folks for Christmas on Friday and came back home on Christmas eve.  Friday night Sarah and her kids were over to open presents.  We opened presents for everybody else on Saturday afternoon.

As usual we played games and ate plenty of food.  It seems that there were a couple of themes for the gifts.  There were slippers, boxers, coffee cups and games.

061223-Christmas_Fitzjarrald_030-071-small 061223-Christmas_Fitzjarrald_046-135-small 061223-Christmas_Fitzjarrald_049-142-small

November 11, 2006: EAA Museum, Oshkosh WI  (12 pics)

On Saturday Nov. 11th Kathy and I went up to Appleton & Oshkosh.  We went to Appleton to see if there were any good deals on games for Christmas presents at Chimera Hobby shop.  After eating lunch at the new Golden Corral, we went to the EAA Museum in Oshkosh.  On the way back home we stopped by the new Cabela’s store north of Milwaukee.  (click on link or one of the pictures to see entire EAA Museum album)

EAA Museum Space Ship One Tim EAA Museum Ball Turrent Kathy EAA Museum Warbirds Briefing Room

Oct 24, 2006: Tim gets a new hair style  (8 pics)

Well, as you may have noticed I have less hair on the top of my head then I did several years ago.  So I decided that I did not want the top of my head to be jealous of the hair on the rest of my head and I had Kathy cut it all short.  (click on link or one of the pictures to see entire Haircut album)

061024-Tims_Haircut_001-small 061024-Tims_Haircut_003-small 061024-Tims_Haircut_008-small

Sept - Nov 2006: Painted Guest Room  (12 pics)

Pictures of me painting and putting up Bookcases in the guest room (Zac’s old room.)  (click on link or one of the pictures to see entire Guest Room album)

061101-Game_Room_003-small 061101-Game_Room_006-small 061101-Game_Room_015-small

September 2006: Tim’s Birthday  (20 pics)

Pictures from my birthday and some pictures of me and the boys using my presents. (click on link or one of the pictures to see entire Birthday album)

060901-Tims_Birthday_001-small 060901-Tims_Birthday_007-small 060901-Tims_Birthday_011-small

August 19-20, 2006: Fitzjarrald Reunion  (48 pics)

These pictures are way late (posting Jan 29, 2007), but I finally got around to getting them up.  Every August there is a Fitzjarrald reunion at the State Park and this year we took a 1/4 barrel of Sprecher Root Beer.   (click on link or one of the pictures to see entire Fitzjarrald Reunion album)

060819-Fitzjarrald_Reunion_005-small 060819-Fitzjarrald_Reunion_012-small 060819-Fitzjarrald_Reunion_026-small

August 19, 2006: David’s Shed FIRE - Augusta  (16 pics)

When we went to IL for the reunion we had a little excitement on Saturday.  Andrew came running into Grandma’s house out of breath.  He was trying to say “Dave’s shed is on fire!”   (click on link or one of the pictures to see entire Shed Fire album)

060819-FIRE_Daves_Shed_002-small 060819-FIRE_Daves_Shed_006-small 060819-FIRE_Daves_Shed_010-small

August 10-13, 2006: GenCon Indy  (24 pics)

Zac and Amanda went to GenCon in Indianapolis this year and here are some pictures from the convention and the loot they brought back with them.  (click on link or one of the pictures to see entire GenCon 06 album)

060813-Gencon_001-small 060813-Gencon_012-small 060813-Gencon_018-small

August 5, 2006: Game Day at Chris’ House  (22 pics)

Game Session at Chris’ house from 2:30pm to 4:00am were we played 8 games and 7 different titles over the 13 1/2 hours.  (click on link or one of the pictures to see entire Game Day album)

060805-GameDay_C_Lay_001-small 060805-GameDay_C_Lay_003-small 060805-GameDay_C_Lay_009-small

July 21, 2006: Paul’s Ordination at Decatur IL  (12 pics)

Paul’s Ordination in Decatur IL with a surprise guest; Myleah from MN.   (click on link or one of the pictures to see entire Ordination album)

060721-Pauls_Ordination_006-small 060721-Pauls_Ordination_003-small 060721-Pauls_Ordination_002-small

July 4, 2006: Game Day at our House (10 pics)

Kathy invited some students from Carthage College over to play board games. (click on link or one of the pictures to see entire Game Day album)

060704-GameDay_Myers_003-small 060704-GameDay_Myers_007-small 060704-GameDay_Myers_013-small

June 17, 2006: Myleah Myers & Jason Sievert Wedding  (44 pics)

Wedding of Myleah Myers and Jason Sievert in Minneapolis MN and the reception that followed.   (click on link or one of the pictures to see entire Wedding album)

060617-Myleah_Jason_Wedding_011-small 060617-Myleah_Jason_Wedding_013-small 060617-Myleah_Jason_Wedding_044-small

June 14 - 16, 2006: Myers Family Wisconsin Dells Vacation  (36 pics)

Paul & Colette and Steve’s family got together with us up in the Wisconsin Dells on the way to Myleah’s wedding.   (click on link or one of the pictures to see entire Dells Vacation album)

060614-WI_Dells_trip_007-small 060614-WI_Dells_trip_015-small 060614-WI_Dells_trip_032-small

March 2006: Kathy’s Birthday  (12 pics)

OK!  OK!  I know that I am a little late with this but I did not have all of my web space then.  (click on link or one of the pictures to see entire Birthday album)

060304-Kathys_Birthday_001-small 060304-Kathys_Birthday_007-small 060304-Kathys_Birthday_011-small

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