9-11 rememberance
Oct 24, 2006
Tim's Haircut

October 24, 2006: Tim’s NEW Hair Style

Well, most people who have known me for several years, know that my hair is a little thinner on the top then it was in the past.  I have decided that I did not want the top of my head to be jealous of the rest of my head so I asked to Kathy to cut it all short.

If I get used to this I may just go the last 10 yards and shave it all off.

CLICK on a picture to see larger images with captions.

TimsHaircut - A lot of skin

Tims Haircut - Attack of clippers

Tims Haircut - Too late to go back

Tims Haircut - Psycho look

Tims Haircut - Kathy cutting

Tims Haircut - Kathy cutting

Tims Haircut - Mug shot photo

Tims Haircut - Final look

updated 12-27-2006



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