9-11 rememberance
Family Stuff

Family Picture from August 2005

Lukas, Zac, Kathy (top row)  -  Tim (middle)  -  Andrew (bottom)

Family Journal -  What we have been up to.  I have not added anything here yet but will put in the updated flag when I do.

Pictures - Picture of what we have been doing.  With 50Gigs of space I should be able to put a lot here.

Pets - I could have put the pets on the picture page but I decided to leave them on their own page for now.



Family Picture from Summer 2003

I found this picture and thought I would put it up so that you can see what a difference 2 years can make.  This is not one of Kathy’s favorite pictures.  She took some cold medicine before we went to get the pictures taken and she thought she looked “out of it”.  Andrew was upset about something (I think it was having him wear a button down shirt) and he would not smile.

last updated 3-2-2007



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