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You can find out about all of the  Board Games and Family Games that we play here.  Kathy will even play these games with us.  We started buying, Euro (designer) games, in 2003 after playing a couple of different games at GenCon.

Inntrepid's Member Profile on BoardGameGeek.

Games_BGG-logoThis profile has my game collection (I am still adding to it), my ratings for games that I have played, a calendar that shows what games we have been playing, links to my contributions on BGG and lots of other goodies.  I am always updating information on the BGG (much better there then I am here).

Even if you do not check out my profile check out BoardGameGeek if you are at all interested in games.

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Some pictures of us and our friends playing Games

Current Unplayed Games Count


Games we have played the Most

Top 23  -  # Plays

On Jan 15, 2007, I added some tables that show what games we play the most on this new page.  One table shows the games we have played the most since I started recording them on Board Game Geek in October of 2005.  Another table shows the games we have played the most in each quarter of this year.  I have all of the data for all four quarters in 2006.

I just added 2 new tables that show the amount of time that we spend playing different games since October 2006.  One table is a cumulative table and the other will be for the different quarters of the year.

Highest Number of Plays

2007 2nd Quarter

Aquadukt - 10 times

Most Time Spent Playing

2007 2nd Quarter

Tide of Iron - 840 minutes

  1. 21 - Settlers of Catan
  2. 17- Bang!
  3. 17 - Railroad Tycoon
  4. 16 - Carcassonne
  5. 16 - Poison
  6. 15 - Game of Thrones
  7. 13 - Memoir 44
  8. 13 - Quicksand
  9. 12 - No Thanks!
  10. 11 - Alhambra
  11. 11 - Oceania
  12. 11 - Viktory II
  13. 10 - Aquadukt
  14. 10 - Conquest of the Empire
  15. 10 - Descent: Journeys in Dark
  16. 10 - Samurai
  17. 10 - Tempus
  18. 10 - Wits & Wagers
  19. 9 - Nuclear War
  20. 9 - Rummikub
  21. 8 - Formula De
  22. 8 - Ticket to Ride
  23. 8 - Ticket to Ride: Marklin Edition

Overall Leader (10/05-06/07)

Settlers of Catan  - 21 times

Overall Leader (10/05-06/07)

Twilight Imperium 3  - 1240 minutes

Gaming Parties or Sessions

Latest Posted Session

Sept 22, 2007: A Twililight Imperium 3 game at David’s house.  It was a 5 hour battle that saw Tim S eliminated and Tim M crowned the winner. 


Gameday Schedule for NE Illinois & SE Wisconsin Game Groups

Pictures of our Game Collection

June 11, 2006: I saw a Forum on BoardGameGeek where members where posting pictures of their game collection.  I am planning on posting ours on BGG but I wanted to post them here first.

Battlegrounds Fantasy Warfare Army Creator

June 11, 2006: Andrew and I started playing a new game that came out last year, Battlegrounds Fantasy Warfare.  It is basically a miniatures game that does not use miniatures.  It uses cards to represent the miniatures so you do not have to invest the time and money to buy and paint miniatures.  This is a program that I wrote to help create and configure armies for it.

Formula De Car Creator for Custom Dashboards

May 5, 2006: I started playing Formula De again with Andrew after not playing for a couple of years. I remember there being a web site where you could create custom dashboards, but I could not find it. I decided to make my own program that I could use for creating custom dashboards. The result is "FD Car Creator" and it is available as a download in the Formula De files section at BGG.

last updated 9-12-2008




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