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Army Creator

Battlegrounds Fantasy Warfare - Army Creator  ver. 1.0

June 11, 2006: Andrew and I started playing a new game that came out last year, Battlegrounds Fantasy Warfare.  It is basically a miniatures game that does not use miniatures.  It uses cards to represent the miniatures so you do not have to invest the time and money to buy and paint miniatures.  Andrew has beat me in all of the games we have played except the last one.  For more information you can check out the link above or use this link to go to the companies website Your Move Games .

Games_BFW Army Creator Vers 1

I wrote the program BFW - Army Creator version 1.0 to help create armies for Battleground Fantasy Warfare.  You can save, load and print your army configurations.  The program is stand alone and can be run from any location and does not need to be installed.  Normal army design can be used or you can choose to use Freeform Army Design.

You can choose from the following armies in this version: Men of Hawkshold, Orcs, Undead and Elves of Ravenwood.

The zip file contains the program BFW_Army_Creator-10.exe which created with MS Visual Basic 6.0 and instructions as a .doc file and as .jpg files..

Games_BFW Printout

Available for download in the  Files section of Battleground Fantasy Warfare on BoardGameGeek.

last updated 6-11-2006



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