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Battlefield 2

The best team / first person shooter in my opinion.

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Board Game Links



The Ultimate source for information on Board Games.


Boardgame News

Rick Thornquist retired from Boardgame News on Nov. 19th, 2006 after 5 years.  Eric Martin one of the regular columnists is taking over as Editor and will have all of the inside news on what’s new and what the status is.


Strategy Gamers World

A site by David Floss (who I game with) which has information, reviews and links on games.


Got Dice Gamers

Another site by a local gamer (who I game with).  There are reviews and other opinions of games along with a game day calendar.



A site committed to the promotion of RPG, CCG & Board games.  There is news, reviews and interviews.

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Board Game Podcasts

Abstract Gamer   (irregular - latest 2007-6-16)

Intelligent discussion of abstract games and more by Joe Peterson.

All Games Considered   (about twice month - latest 2008-9-12)

Podcast for a show about table top gaming.  Hosted by Mark Kinney, Chris Heim, and Carol.  They cover both board games and RPGs.

Boardgame Babylon   (once or twice / month - latest 2008-7-29)

Boardgame Babylon is a podcast about designer board games by E.R. Burgess.  The show features session reviews, discussions with guests and themed shows.


Board Game Speak (GeekSpeak) (latest 2007-4-26  -  DEAD)

Replaced by: The Aldie Show (below)

Aldie and Derk of BoardGameGeek fame interview designers, publishers and gamers.  They no longer do the podcast but these 40 podcasts from Sept 27, 2004 thru Oct 27, 2006 give an insight into the designers, publishers and gamers in the board game community.  Another episode from archives (interview with D.W. Tripp, game store owner)  was added on 10-27-06.

Boardgames to Go   (irregular - latest 2008-9-12)

Mark Johnson’s occasional and opinionated podcast about strategy board games.  The podcast are irregular but Mark usually has some sort of blog post every month.

Board Games with Scott   (about once a month - latest 2008-8-19)

More then just a podcast, Scott Nicholson uses a video cast to review and explain board games.  In each episode Scott covers a different game.  Scott used to have a new episode about every 2 weeks but added responsibilities with his job have meant he had to cut back to about one new episode a month.


BookShelf Games  (- latest 2008-9-14)

A NEW site that features Video Instructions and Reviews of board games.  This is a great site similar to “Board Games with Scott”, Lawrence and John review the components, rules and play thru sample turns of games.  They even explain the BIG games like Twilight Imperium and Magic Realm over serveral episodes.


The Family Boardgaming Podcast ( - last 2007-1-10   DEAD  NO UPDATES)

A podcast about Family Board Games suitable for the family.  The first 2 podcast review Quicksand, Lost Cities and Castle.  (7-16-07:  I am pretty sure this one is DEAD.  The episodes are still posted but nothing new since Jan 10, 2007.  Only lasted 4 episodes.)


Garrett’s Games and Geekiness (regular-weekly  2008-9-14)

Doug Garrett and his wife Shelley (along with some solo shots and guests) spend time talking about the games they love to play.

Have Games, Will Travel  (2 to 4 times / month - latest 2008-9-15)

An irregularly scheduled podcast hosted by Paul Tevis.  It features reviews, news and convention coverage of RPGs, CCG’s, miniatures and board games.

Into The Gamescape (almost every month - latest 2008-9-04)

British podcast.  Mike, Paul and Si talk about Boardgames and CCGs.  They provide a different point of view about games.

Little Wooden Cubist (about once a month - latest 2008-4-6)

A podcast about designer boardgames by Charlie Eastman, a Baptist Minister in Newton Center MA.


On Board Games  (new - latest 2008-9-10)

A roundtable discussion about a variety of board game topics by Donald Dennis, Scott Nicholson and Erik Dewey.

The Aldie Show (almost every month - latest 2008-6-24)

Aldie from Board Game Geek interviews different people in gaming.


The Dice Tower   (regular - every 2 weeks - latest 2008-9-13)

GREAT podcast about Board games hosted by Tom Vasel and Sam Healey.  The Dice Tower podcast is now hosted by Funagain Games.

The MetaGamers  (about every 2 weeks - latest 2008-8-07)

A podcast by boardgamers for boardgamers.  Hosts are Mark Haberman, Jay Little and Jim Cote.


The Spiel (regular - every 2 weeks - latest 2008-9-08)

A regular podcast about games & the people who love them hosted by Stephen Conway and David Coleson.

The League of Untouchable American Gamers ( DEAD ?? - last 2008-8-08)

A website devoted to American games as opposed to Euro games.  The podcast is done by League President Steve Weeks aka The Mad Gamer.  This podcast is definitely dead.  See BGG thread “What happened to the Ultimate Podcast?” It was controversial but it was also entertaining. I got all of the episodes except for the last two but thanks to BGG user Matchstickman in England I was able to complete my collection.  (BGG member Sir Loin o Beef was also willing to help me get the missing episodes.)  Link to the Dead site in case it ever comes up.

I have all of the episodes before Steve’s site temporarily went DEAD. These episode are between Jan 29, 2007 and July 4, 2007.

The League podcast started back up in Oct 2007 and had 12 more podcast with the last one being in August 2008. The site is down again and I am not sure if or when it will be back up.  I will try to get up these other 12 episodes posted when I get a chance.


Ep 1 - Intro

Ep 2 - The Sci-Fi Show

Ep 3 - Interview w/ Robert Martin

Ep 4 - Interview w/ Michael Barnes


Ep 1 - Interview w/ Michael Barnes

Ep 2 - Suspended and other things

Ep 3 - Interview w/ Jason Little

Ep 5 - Interview w/ D W Tripp

Ep 6 - Interview w/ Scott Alden

Ep 7 - Interview w/ Derk Solko

Ep 8 - Interview w/ Jennifer Stone and  Chris Farrell 

Ep 5 - Interview w/ Leo Zappa

Ep 6 - Interview w/ Ward Batty

Ep 7 - Interview w/ Matt Thrower

Ep 4 - Interview w/ Ken Bradford & Randy Weeks


Ep 1 - Interview w/ Glenn Drover

Ep 2 - 2nd Interview w/ Derk Solko

The Vintage Gamer   (-  latest 2008-7-31)

Jim Van Verth podcast covers older board games.  These older games are good games that are often overlooked because of new games that get the spotlight.  The July 14, 2007 Special #2 is a recording of a Podcast panel from Origins 2007.

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Role Playing Game  Podcast

Radio Free Hommlet  ( - latest 2008-0907)

A podcast dedicated to the new 4th Ed Dungeons & Dragons.  They have started doing some podcast on other RPGs.

The Secret Life of Girl Gamers  ( - latest 2008-9-12)

A spin off of “All Games Considered”, features carol, Jacqui and Stephanie talking about games and whatever else is on their minds.


The Tome Show  ( - latest 2008-9-12)

Dungeons & Dragons news, reviews and interview show.

RPGPodcasts.com  ( - latest 2008-9-14)

If you did not see an RPG podcast from my list that you liked check out this site.  I has a HUGE list of RPG podcasts along with summaries and links.

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Friendly Local Gaming Stores in SE Wisconsin

I strongly feel that you should support your Friendly Local Gaming Store!!  Here are some links to the FLGS that I have been to in Southeast Wisconsin.  I get almost all of my games at Rockheads in Kenosha.  Whenever I have to go to Appleton WI for work I stop by Chimera Hobby shop in Appleton and Fond Du Lac to see if they have any cool deals.  In fact I stop in at hobby and game shops where ever I go.


Google Maps of Gaming Stores

You can check out my Google Maps, of game stores I have visited or would like to visit.

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Online Stores

I strongly feel that you should support your Friendly Local Gaming Store but maybe you live in an area without one or maybe yours is not so friendly.  In that case here are some links to online stores where you can purchase great games.

Two sites that let you check prices and availability of several sites are:

The following online game stores are listed in alphabetical order.

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