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Formula De - Car Creator for Custom Dashboards

June 11, 2006: I added link to BoardGameGeek for download at bottom of this section.

May 5, 2006: I started playing Formula De again with my son after not playing for a couple of years. I remember there being a web site where you could create custom dashboards, but I could not find it no matter how much I searched the web. I decided to make my own program that I could use for creating custom dashboards. The result is "FD Car Creator version 1.1" and it is available as a download in the files section.


FD_Car_Creator is a program I wrote in Visual Basic and you can run the .exe from any location. There is no install file for it but if you want to save a configuration it will prompt you to create "C:Program FilesFD_Car_Creator" to store the custom configurations in. You can choose cancel and choose your own folder to save the custom dashboard configuration in if you do not want to save it in the default.


The custom dashboard contains:

  • Team Name, Car Color (each car), Driver Name (each car)
  • Speed ranges for the different Gears with Normal Wing and High Down Force Wing settings.
  • Custom configurations for 2 cars in a race team (both of these cars have the same configuration)
  • Custom configuration for Driver and Crew (each of these can be different)
  • Wing and Tire settings for start of race and each pit stop (we play that you can change the wing settings during a Full pit stop)
  • Tables for: Wing Effects, Collision, Road Handling, Over Revving, Track Modifiers for Sunny and Rain Conditions.

The charts are duplicated for each car so that the page could be cut in half so 2 players could play the team and each have their own dashboard. I realize that some players may not use the exact charts that we do and I am thinking of enhancing the next version, so that a player can enter their own values.

If you have any questions comments or find any bugs please email me. If this makes Formula De more enjoyable for your group, then it did what I intended it to do.

Available for download in the Files section of Formula De on BoardGameGeek.

last updated 6-11-2006



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