9-11 rememberance
March 24, 2007
      John & Barb

March 24, 2007: Steve & Carol visit John & Barb

On March 23rd Steve and Carol came up to Kohler WI so Steve could get an Award for a project his company did in Oak Creek WI.  On Saturday they visited with our brother John and his wife Barb. 

The had a good visit and John invited them to spend the night, but Steve had his CPAP machine at the hotel (I know what it is like to not have it) so they went back to the Hotel for the night.

Hopefully we will see more of John and Barb at future get togethers!!

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Steve getting Award - John_Barb_WI

Carol, John & Barb - John_Barb_WI

Steve, Carol, John & Barb - John_Barb_WI006

John & Barb - John_Barb_WI

John - John_Barb_WI

Barb - John_Barb_WI

Carol & Barb - John_Barb_WI

John - John_Barb_WI

John - John_Barb_WI

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