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YouTube Favorites

Here are some of my favorite Videos from YouTube.

Holy Crap!!  I did not know that David from the SGW gaming group put this on You Tube.  This was the intro for the RPG that we played on March 24, 2007.  It did set the mood for the game.  (3:00)

Every Game Should Start Like This   from dsfloss   (5-4-07)  

I saw this several years ago and it is still funny.  One of the funniest things is the guy who keeps sticking his head up to see what is going on.  (0:25)

How to Break Your Computer  from Cyclops32   (3-25-07) 

Wow!!! FLIR (Forward Looking InfraRed) makes a world of difference at night.  I thought I saw an option for FLIR on a luxury car a few years ago where they showed how you could see a deer (or other obstruction) in the road better at night.  It really makes a difference when you can see the mountains around you.  (1:59)

FLIR demo into Aspen  from betterdigitalphotos   (3-5-07) 

My brother used to have a R/C plane.  I thought ducted fans are what they used to simulate jets.  I saw this and thought, “WOW!”  The turbine engines for these planes cost about $3,000 and the total price of the planes is about $10k.  They are limited to a max speed of 243 mph by the FAA.  (6:28)

 Jet Blast-R/C Jet Airplanes  from groovyvideo   (2-10-07)   

This would be a great gaming table.  OK, it might be a little too big for most games but it is cool and it only cost $50,000 to $70,000!!  (0:49)

 Schwartz Table  from indoloonye   (2-10-07)         

I would someday like to get my sport pilot certificate and this is one of the light sport aircraft that I think is cool.  It is the Sting Sport.  (3:39)

 “Sting Sport” Light Sport Aircraft Demo in Fullerton  from lightsportnews

Another plane that I like the looks of is the Zodiac CH601 XL.  (2:55)

 Zodiac XL demo video excerpt  from sche1nz   (2-10-07)  

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