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1 & 1 Web Hosting

I think this is the best as you get a LOT for the price.  If you do sign up, please do so thru this link so that I get credit for it. Thanks



“Home of the Panel of Idiots” where some regular folks talk about regular stuff.  The key was  to make the content interesting and funny when possible, all the while being  very "real".


The Internet Movie Database

If you want to find out anything about a movie or even TV show this is the place to go.



This is a cool place to come for great deals on all sorts of cool geeky stuff.  Every night at 9:00 CST the the product changes.  I mainly go to this site for games but I have picked up a couple of other good deals also.

If you sign up for a Tanga account PLEASE do so with one of these links and then click “Register” in the upper right corner.  It cost nothing to register and if you ever see something you like you will already have an account set up.  Thanks, Inntrepid


Angies List

Home service contractors reviewed and rated by real homeowners like you ...



OK, this is a little nostalgic.  Leo is from one of the best tech shows we used to watch.  That would be “The Screen Savers” and it was one of the shows we watched when we got digital cable in our new house.   Lots of links to TECH STUFF.


Jumping Monkeys

This is Megan Morrone’s website.  She was the web producer and backup co-host when needed on “The Screen Savers”.  Those were the good old days of TechTV and TSS.  Her web site is a blog about being a parent.  As of March 07 Megan and her husband have a four year old girl and 2 two year old boys.


Cyber Overdose  -  Just when you thought you had too much

This is my son’s page.  Right now he only has the good deals that he has gotten at stores and garage sales.


Kreps Home Page

My cousins webpage has pictures, videos and comments about his family and friends.  He is into Texas Holdem Poker so there are some links for that also.

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