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 July 21, 2007

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July 21, 2007: Zac’s Last SGW Game Day

Photo Album for the July 21st - Zac’s Last SGW Game Day

On July 21 the Strategy Gamers World game day was dedicated to Zac who would be moving to Denver CO the next weekend.  He and his wife Amanda were moving to Denver for Amanda new job.  Zac was going to pick the games that he wanted to play for this game day.

The turnout for this game day was GREAT, we had 13 people playing on 3 different tables during the afternoon.  After a break for dinner 10 gamers returned to continue playing and we had 2 separate games.  A fun time was had by everyone that attended.


Table 1: Zac chose “Beowulf: The Legend” for the first game that he wanted to play. The other players at his table were Eric, Mike, George and David. In the end David edged out Mike for the win with Eric and George in the middle and Zac ended up last. Zac may have ended up last but I know he had a good time because there was a lot of laughing and smiling going on at that table.

Table 2: Meanwhile James, Ken, Andrew & Tim got out “Britannia” and struggled through the rules and setup. Our game lasted over 2 hours until we called it because we screwed up big time on the rules. Moral of the story: Be sure to read the rules prior to tackling a game with as much a depth as “Britannia”. None of us expected to play this prior to Game Day so we jumped into the deep end of the pool (so to speak). Ken was the Romans and had a HUGE points lead over the other players when we called the game.

Table 3: Will and May arrived after we had already started so they played, “Hey that’s my Fish” and “Drakon” while waiting on other players. Jordan showed up and the 3 of them played “Guillotine” while waiting on the others to finish their games.

070721-SGW_Game_Day_Zacs_05-medThe game of “Beowulf” had ended. Andy unexpectedly showed up. “Guillotine” was almost over and the players of “Britannia” called the game because they screwed up the rules, so we started all new games at the tables.

Table 1: Zac, George, Andy and Eric played “Betrayal at House on the Hill”, another of Zacs favorite games. Andy was the traitor and won. When they were done they played “Gheos” a new game Tim had got the previous week off of a clearance table at Chimera Hobby Shop in Appleton. Zac was the only one who had played before so he was the game explainer.

Table 2: Mike, James, Andrew, Ken and Tim played a LONG game of “A Game of Thrones”. We had to break for dinner partway through the game. In the end Andrew won with Tyrell, followed by Ken who played Greyjoy, Tim playing Stark, James with Lanister and Mike with Barathon. Andrew really beat up on Mike in the turn that ended the game and Mike was fighting a war on 3 fronts.

Table 3: David, Jordan, May and Will played a new game, “Skallywaggs”. I am not sure who won as I was busy playing “A Game of Thrones”. It looked like they were having fun though and I did get a picture of them playing.

070721-SGW_Game_Day_Zacs_08-medDavid kept yelling over to our table (“A Game of Thrones” table) to stop at the end of the turn so we could break for dinner (that was when we were on turn 5 of 10). We finally stopped on turn 7 for dinner. Some went to Subway and others went to McDonalds and Jimmy Johns. It was surprising but we all got back to Davids house at the same time and we ate our dinners in his kitchen. Jordan and James had to leave before dinner but James would return later that night.

Table 1: After dinner Willie, May, Zac, George and Andy played “Three-Dragon Ante”. Will had brought this to my last game day and I enjoyed it so much that I bought it. May won followed by Zac (who made a BIG comeback just prior to the end of the game) followed by Will, Andy and finally George who ran out of coins first.

Table 2: We continued our “A Game of Thrones” which was won by Andrew as I mentioned earlier. After our “A Game of Thrones” game was done the other table was still playing “Three-Dragon Ante”, so we setup the board for “Doom” death match. This was a game that Zac wanted to play but he was still playing “Three-Dragon Ante”. After setting up the board Ken, Mike, David and Tim started shooting each other up in classical death match fashion.

070721-SGW_Game_Day_Zacs_10-medThe “Three-Dragon Ante” game finished and James came back over. Tim knew that Zac wanted to play “Doom” so he offered up his seat to Zac, but James was setting up “Descent: Journeys in the Dark” and Zac decided to play that instead. Will joined the “Doom” death match game for a few turns before he and May left.

Table 1: Meanwhile, James started a game of “Descent: Journeys in the Dark” with him as the Overlord and Zac, Andy and George as adventures. This game would end up running from 9:30pm to 1:00am with the Overlord winning. There were a few mistakes made on both sides, the overlord double spawned early in the game and the adventures ended up buying Gold weapons and items in town before they found a Gold treasure. They all had a good time playing so it really did not matter.

Our “Doom” game ended about 11:15 so we talked for the next hour plus about games and other things until the game of “Descent” was finished. We had a GREAT time for Zacs last SGW Game day. Thanks to David for hosting it and help make Zac’s game day a fun one.

Zac did get to play a “Doom” death match game before he went to Denver.  On Sunday, Andrew, Andy, George, Zac and Tim played a 2 1/2 hour game in the afternoon at Tim’s house before Zac had to go to work. This will be the last time I can play Doom for a while because it is Zacs game and he is taking it with him to Denver. (NOTE: David has since bought “Doom” so I may get to play it sooner then I thought).

While Zac was at work Andy, Andrew, George and Tim played a 4 1/2 hour game of “A Game of Thrones: Storm of Swords” ... but that is a tale for another day.

Photo Album for the July 21st - Zac’s Last SGW Game Day

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