9-11 rememberance
  Zac's 2007
Trip to Israel

Zac’s trip to Israel was extra special this year.  Beside the excavation that he and Amanda participated in at Omrit, they also got married while in Israel.  I need to get some pictures to add for the photo album for the dig (this is going to be a little harder because their digital camera was not working for the beginning of the trip.

Copy of article from the Carthage College web site.

This is the information and pictures that were on the Carthage College web sit.  It was still on the front page as of Aug 26 but they tend to put new articles up so I copied the text and pictures that were displayed there.

Rotating Picture

Picture Album of Zac and Amanda’s Wedding  (coming be patient)

VIDEO of Zac and Amanda’s Wedding & Reception in Israel

This is a 1 Gig VOB file (DVD quality Video Object File) that is almost 28 minutes long.  The Wedding is 15:30 and the Reception is 12:23. It was a little windy and Zac was able to clean up some of the wind noise.  I could not get the video to play from the my web site and it was WAY TOO BIG for YouTube but you can download it from my site if you want to:

  1. right click on the link
  2. click “save link as ...”
  3. make a note of the directory and default file name. The file name is “kidwell_myers_wedding.VOB”
  4. then click “Save”
  5. After it finishes downloading you should be able to double click the downloaded file “kidwell_myers_wedding.VOB” and your media player should play it.

Whenever I have some time to figure it out, I will post a compressed file that is viewable from a link.

updated  8-27-2007



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