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            Israel 2007 
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Carthage Students Excavate in Israel

For the second consecutive year, students and faculty from Carthage participated in the archaeological excavation at Omrit in northern Israel.

omrit2007-02This photo shows the three-phase Roman podium temple dated between 50 BCE and 100 CE. In the lower right, see the remains of the altar to the temple and a later, Byzantine church (6-7th century CE).

omrit2007-03This aerial view shows the temple phases in relation to the altar on the left. The first phase, known as the shrine is partly covered with sandbags to protect the architecture.

omrit2007-04Amanda Kidwell (third from left) and Rusty Hansen (right) celebrate with square members as they complete their work to the west of the altar complex.

omrit2007-05Carthage sophomore, Rusty Hansen helps to prep his square for final photos. His team did a great job of uncovering the north side of the temple two stairway.

omrit2007-01Carthage graduate Zac Myers works the winch as one of seven heavy merlon blocks is removed from the third chamber. The merlon blocks were used as decorative features on the early shrine. The winch lift system was built by the metal shop at Kibbutz K’far Szold where the participants stay. It was funded by a Faculty Research Grant from the Carthage Quality of Life Committee.



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