9-11 rememberance
PC & X-Box Group

Battlefield 2 Squad

This has information and links to a couple of sites where you can find out all kinds of information about our Battlefield 2 squad.

As of July 13 we play this game still and our stats will change as we get more points on the “Ranked Servers” and go up in Rank.


What better place for a picture of Adam Sessler then on the computer games page.  From left to right: Nick, Adam, Lukas, Andrew, Andy and Zac. This was taken at GenCon Game Convention in Milwaukee in 2001.

Diablo 2 Guild

We do not play this as much as we once did but there is information about Characters that Dozer and I had.


Another picture of the boys with Adam Sessler.  This one was at GenCon 2003, the 1st year that GenCon moved to Indianapolis, IN.  From left to right: Zac, Adam Sessler, Lukas and Andy.

last updated 3-29-2007    (BF2 stats are dynamically updated)



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