9-11 rememberance
   Zac's 2006
Trip to Israel

Zac had to go on a archeological dig for one the requirements for his major in Classical Archeology.  This summer he, Amanda, some other students from Carthage College participated in Macalester College's excavations at Omrit in northern Israel.


Copy of article from the Carthage web site.

This is the information that was on the Carthage College web site.  It was on the front page of the Carthage web site but has since been replaced by newer articles.

I copied the text and pictures that were displayed when it was on the front page.

Article from August 8, 2006 Kenosha News.

This is a scanned image of the article that was on the front page of the Kenosha News after Israel invaded Lebanon.  I have also included the text of the article that is easier to read, then what is displayed in the scanned image.

2006 08 - Kenosha News Article 000

Radio Interview on WGTD, July 31, 2006 - 41 minutes

A radio interview by Greg Berg on WGTD’s The Morning Show.  He interviews Dan Schowalter, Jeremy Schowalter, Zac Myers and Amanda Kidwell about their trip to Israel for an archeological dig.

You can find other interviews on the WGTD website.  WGTD 91.1 is a public radio station and part of Wisconsin Public Radio and National Public Radio.

* coming soon *  Link to Pictures Album page with pictures that were taken on the trip to Israel.

last updated 9-17-2006



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